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Magnolia Skincare Clinic

Javier Rios, MD

Aesthetic Clinic & Aesthetician located in Riverside, CA

Wrinkles and loss of skin volume are common signs of aging, but you have options that can rejuvenate skin and reverse the signs of aging. Fillers from Javier Rios, MD, and the experienced team at Magnolia Skincare Clinic in Riverside, California, fill in fine lines and wrinkles to restore a younger-looking appearance with little to no downtime. Find out if fillers are right for you by calling the office or scheduling an appointment online.


What are fillers?

Fillers give the skin more volume through injections of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in our bodies, but we produce less of it as we age. The reduction contributes to wrinkles, facial volume loss and saggy skin, and thinning lips. The team at Magnolia Skin Care Clinic creates a customized filler treatment strategy to help you feel good about your appearance.

What can fillers do for my appearance?

Fillers reduce the appearance of wrinkles by adding volume in your face. Fillers help: 

  • Minimize the appearance of facial wrinkles 
  • Minimize the appearance of lines around lips
  • Increase lip volume and improve lip shape
  • Restore volume to sunken-in cheeks
  • Improve the symmetry of facial features

Fillers are a natural-looking treatment to improve the appearance of your face and do not result in a “frozen” appearance. You may need more than one filler session to achieve your cosmetic goals, but filler results can last from six months to a year. 

What’s the difference between fillers and Botox®️?

Fillers and Botox are both aesthetic injections used to improve your appearance, but they work differently. Botox injections limit muscle activity to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, while fillers add collagen to increase volume. Your aesthetic team at Magnolia Skin Care Clinic helps determine whether you need fillers or Botox to reach your goals.

What fillers are available?

Magnolia Skin Care Clinic offers a wide variety of injectable fillers, including:


The Juvéderm line of fillers restores hydration and volume with a hyaluronic acid formula. Magnolia Skin Care Clinic uses Juvéderm to increase lip and cheek volume, and reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles and lines. 


The Restylane line of hyaluronic acid fillers includes Restylane Lyft™, Restylane Refyne™, and Restylane Defyne™. Restylane Lyft offers increased volume to your cheeks and aging hands. Restylane Refyne improves mild to moderate lines and wrinkles, and Restylane Defyne is the choice for moderate to severe smile lines. All Restylane fillers last up to 12 months.


Voluma hyaluronic acid fillers have the thickest, strongest gel for increasing volume and lifting your cheeks. Voluma also provides the longest-lasting results, up to two years.

To learn more about the available fillers at Magnolia Skin Care Clinic and find out if you’re a candidate, call the practice or schedule a consultation online.