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Javier Rios, MD

Aesthetic Clinic & Aesthetician located in Riverside, CA

Laser technology has revolutionized medical aesthetics and has enabled treatment options that were simply unimaginable just a few years ago. At Magnolia Skincare Clinic in Riverside, California, Javier Rios, MD, and his team do a great deal of research to find the very best treatment platforms to bring to the practice. The Fraxel® 1550 restore laser and Pixel® RF fractional skin resurfacing laser are both available at Magnolia Skin Care Clinic, and you can explore these options in greater detail during your initial visit. Booking takes just moments online, or you can call the office today.

Laser Treatments Q&A

What are aesthetic lasers?

Laser technology originated in 1900 when a German physicist discovered the interplay between the frequency of radiation and energy. Over the years, lasers have developed into powerful tools deployed in industrial, medical, and many other applications. 

Lasers also offer an outstanding treatment path for many aesthetic needs. Today’s medical aesthetic platforms are backed by decades of research and experience in laser technology. They have outstanding safety systems and have become among the most popular forms of non-invasive treatment. 

What are the benefits of the Fraxel 1550 restore laser?

The Fraxel 1550 restore laser platform offers the ability to prompt change at the cellular level without disrupting the surface layer of your skin. It is a powerful treatment option and can deliver impressive collagen remodeling effects. 

When your practitioner moves the Fraxel handpiece over the surface of your skin, laser energy penetrates deep within, creating heat that your body perceives as damage. Your body reacts with a strong healing response, creating new collagen cells that smooth and tighten the skin. 

Those new cells plump your skin from within, smoothing depressed acne scarring and reducing the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and folds. A topical numbing cream is applied about an hour prior to your session to help keep you comfortable during treatment. 

Some minor swelling and redness are common after your session. Your skin will feel as though you’ve spent some time in the sun, but there is no significant pain associated with Fraxel treatments. 

What can Pixel RF treatments do for my skin?

The Pixel RF system also creates heat in the deeper layers of skin, but relies on radiofrequency energy to achieve that result. One advantage of Pixel RF treatments is an additional thermocoagulation effect that constricts and tightens your skin immediately. 

Unlike many laser platforms, Pixel is safe for use on all skin tones and types. It doesn’t “see” the melanin in your skin, so treatments are consistent across all skin types. 

Pixel RF treatments can also deliver improvements with fewer treatments than other options. That’s a bonus for men and women who want swift results without scheduling multiple sessions. 

Explore these and other advanced medical aesthetic treatments in greater detail during a customized consultation. You can book a visit online or over the phone in just moments.